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Holiday Treats To Eat With Braces
The holidays are so much fun with all the goodies and treats that surround the Christmas season. Some sticky and hard candies can damage braces, but there are a ton of safe and tasty snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth during this time of year! The best way to enjoy sugary foods and drinks is to stick to small portions, rinse your mouth out with water after eating or drinking, and to brush twice a day.

Dr. Angela McNeight shares some fun holiday treats that you can make and enjoy while in braces!

Strawberry Santas:
Slice the bottom off the large end of a strawberry so that it stands upright, and cut off the top quarter. Squirt some whipped cream onto the strawberry's top flat surface, and add two chocolate sprinkles to make the eyes of Santa's face. Place the top quarter of the strawberry back onto the whipped cream to form Santa's hat, and dab some cream on the very top of the strawberry to give his hat its white bobble.

Marshmallow Snowmen:
Melt some white chocolate candy coating in the microwave, and push a stiff straw or wooden skewer through three marshmallows for the three parts of the snowman's body. Dip the marshmallows in the candy coating, and before it sets, press chocolate chips into the top marshmallow to make the snowman's eyes. Add a tiny piece of carrot for his nose – but not too big that one crunch can damage a bracket!

Reindeer Cheese:
Cut strips of yellow bell pepper to the shape of antlers with a sharp knife, and push them into the wide end of a soft cheese triangle. Use two pieces of olive to make the reindeer's eyes, and half a cherry tomato to make Rudolph's nose.

Christmas Tree Brownie Lollipops:
Not every lollipop needs to be hard or sticky. Cut brownies into triangles, and decorate them with lines of frosting for tinsel and sprinkles for baubles. Push a brightly colored, stiff straw into one edge of the triangle, as far as it will go without poking out the other side. Snip off the end of the straw to form your lollipop stick.

These recipes are fun for anyone, but were shared especially for our patients with traditional braces. Those with Invisalign can be less restrictive with sticky or crunchy treats, but should still follow Dr. McNeight's advice on portions, rinsing, and brushing.

Thanks Colgate for the great recipe ideas!