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Manual Floss Alternatives

We’re a pretty chill orthodontic practice, but we take our flossing seriously. We get it–flossing can sometimes be a pain to remember to do, but it is necessary to encourage healthy gums and reduce plaque buildup! There are different ways to go about it and some methods have proven to be even more fun than regular string flossing. Using WaterPiks or AirFlossers can completely change the way you look at your oral health routine. They truly help kick it up a notch in a way that helps get that squeaky-clean feeling every day at home! 

There are pros and cons with every product, and these are no different. It’s important to take them into consideration if you are deciding to scratch the manual floss off of your shopping list for good. 

Why WaterPik: 

  • There’s a special orthodontic tip with a tapered brush that removes hard-to-reach plaque around brackets and wires.
  • Water flossing removes trapped food from dental braces and orthodontic appliances in as little as one minute.
  • Sensitive gums can breathe a sigh of relief as water flossers can be much gentler than string floss

AirFlosser Advantages: 

  • These tend to be easier to use with lack of hose and uses re-chargeable batteries for a cordless presence on your bathroom counter. 
  • Many AirFlossers advertise a clean mouth in just 30 seconds with an easy point and clean design––perfect for those that tend to find themselves in a hurry!
  • AirFlossers are designed to help the inconsistent string flosser. It is not designed to be a replacement for those who are consistent string flossers.

Comparing these two products can be difficult since they are similar in so many different ways. Regardless of choice, the best way to floss your teeth is to make it part of your daily routine––your gums will thank you!