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Orthodontic Treatments to Fit your Lifestyle

At Caudill Orthodontics we have a number of techniques and appliances to fit your lifestyle, comfort level, and time constraints. During your first examination, we will be able to determine the options for your individual needs, discuss your specific treatment plan, estimate treatment time and outline your financial opportunities. Your choices include Invisalign®, lingual braces (braces behind your teeth), and traditional ceramic or metal braces. One of these options is sure to fit into your lifestyle and give you the smile you’ve been waiting for!


Being clear, Invisalign is the definite winner for esthetics compared to traditional metal or clear ceramic braces. That being said, Invisalign isn’t totally invisible but it’s pretty darn close.  Invisalign is removable, and most people really like the fact that they can take out their Invisalign aligners for special events and eat their favorite foods without any restrictions. Brushing and flossing is a breeze with Invisalign treatment. There are no wire adjustments needed and fewer office visits than with traditional braces. They are also great for active lifestyles, as there is no danger of brackets or wires poking the mouth during sports or athletic activity. They may, however, not be the best choice for someone who is worried they will forget to wear them properly. For extended points on the pros and cons of Invisalign, also check-out Dr. Caudill's blog on the matter. 

Lingual Braces 

We are also proud to offer the lingual braces option to our patients. Talk about invisible, these small brackets, wires, and elastics are applied behind the teeth. They function in the same way as traditional metal braces but are hidden from view. As with traditional orthodontics, cleaning teeth while undergoing lingual braces treatment is a longer and more complicated process than with Invisalign. There are more office visits, as adjustments are required, and dietary restrictions since the braces are glued onto the teeth and not removed prior to eating. But, once they’re in, you don’t need to remember to swap your aligners once per week. 

Traditional Braces

We offer two types of high-technology braces: traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces! Traditional braces are great for patients who like to make a statement and do so by changing the colors on their metal braces at any visit to our office. Both metal and ceramic braces have a clip that holds the wire into the bracket creating optimal tooth movement and a beautiful end result! Not looking for a pop of color in your smile? Clear ceramic brackets are the way to go. Traditional braces have more office visits than Invisalign but are a great option for clients who don't want to be responsible for taking care of and changing out their Invisalign trays and who maybe isn’t the best candidate for lingual braces.

At Caudill Orthodontics in Merritt Island and Melbourne, Florida, we pride ourselves as being the new-school orthodontics provider, by bringing our patients a blend of the absolute latest and most efficient orthodontic technology with the highest level of personalized service. 

If you've been thinking about getting braces or Invisalign for your child or yourself, contact us to set up an appointment for a free evaluation.