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Tips for Better Oral Hygiene On-The-Go
Dr. Caudill has written a number of blogs on dental health, plaque, brushing, and flossing. None of these takes into account that you are a very active person and may have limited time or opportunities to maintain your oral hygiene.

Being outside of the home for possibly one, two, or even three meals a day means that you have to be prepared for a dental regimen that is also outside of the home.

Some of his previous tips, such as limiting snacks - especially sugars or starches can still help you on-the-go. Choosing fruits and vegetables as your snack especially if you don't have an opportunity to brush during your busy day is the way to go.

More on-the-go tips include:
So we hope you get more opportunity to RELAX, but know you're busy. More time spent on your dental health means less time in the dentist's chair.