Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces in Melbourne & Merritt Island

Traditional Braces and Wires Are More Comfortable Than Ever!

We use Innovation brackets which combine the newest technology with the highest-grade materials available. Our brackets are different than most orthodontic brackets because they are “self-ligating." This means they essentially have a door holding a wire into the bracket to ensure that treatment takes the shortest amount of time possible. They also help make oral hygiene easier and tooth movement is more precise.

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We offer two types of high-technology braces: traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces! Learn more about how Caudill Orthodontics has your smile best interest in mind during traditional orthodontic treatment.

Express Yourself with Custom Color!

Did you know you can change the colors on your metal braces at any visit to the orthodontist office? These clips will not stain like the rubber ties did back in the day. Both metal and ceramic braces have a clip that holds the wire into the bracket creating optimal tooth movement and a beautiful end result! Not looking for a pop of color in your smile? We say clear ceramic brackets are the way to go. Be sure to let your orthodontist know how you want to express your smile with traditional braces.

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