Benefits of Invisible Braces

From the title of this blog, you get a clue to one of the main benefits of Invisalign: the aligners are clear and nearly invisible. Generally, our patients come in for 2 reasons: to improve the appearance of their smile and/or to improve the fit of their bite. The Invisalign process has many benefits over traditional braces, so let’s go over them.

3D Digital Impressions

Not only are our digital impressions more comfortable, but they are also much more accurate. With a 5 minute scan, and no goopy impressions, Dr. Ryan Caudill and Dr. Angela McNeight have a 3D model of your mouth that can be used for Invisalign® services or to make retainers. No goop is used to make impressions, and our orthodontists can use the digital model to predict the exact progression and plan for your Invisalign.

Nearly Invisible

Being clear, Invisalign is the definite winner for aesthetics compared to traditional metal or wired braces. They can be removed for photos or for a special event. Your smile, even in photos, will look very natural and others may not even notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.


You do have to wear them about 22 hours a day, just removing to eat and clean your teeth, but they ARE removable. So, you can remove them for that special or event such as a wedding or prom if you choose to.  Patients should remember to be diligent with wearing them though, because missing too much time will delay your progress.

Active Lifestyle

With invisible braces, there are no dangers of wires and braces poking the mouth or gums with Invisalign aligners. Active lifestyles including all sports are not a problem with Invisalign trays.


The Invisalign aligners are less abrasive to your cheeks and tongue than traditional braces. In fact, they are quite smooth and once you are used to them, you hardly notice feeling them.

Easy to Care for Teeth

Brushing and flossing is a breeze, as our patients remove their Invisalign trays to clean their teeth. No worries about brushing around braces and wires, so no excuses either.There’s less chance for decalcification and white spot lesions this way.

Fewer Office Visits

With Invisalign invisible braces, your visits are further spread out and the time spent sitting in the dental chair is much less than with traditional braces. So, Invisalign is a better option for people with busy lives who may find lots of appointments difficult.

A Real Plan

We mentioned this briefly in the 3D scanning section, the invisable braces aligners are made with exact calculations to shift your teeth into their ideal position, giving you a straighter, more beautiful smile. Our patients know the date that their smile will be perfected, unlike with traditional braces. Our smile projection can show you what your smile looks like today and what it will look like after just a few months of treatment.


Last but not least, our Invisalign patients can also use their trays to whiten their teeth with our whitening gel. That way at the end of treatment, you can have a straight, bright white smile!
If you would like more information on Invisalign treatment, please call our office or schedule a complimentary exam online. Dr. Ryan Caudill or Dr. Angela McNeight will evaluate what will be involved to improve the appearance of your smile or improve the fit of your bite and help you make this decision. We want to help you to have the smile you desire!

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