Does Invisalign cost more than braces?

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen have clear advantages to traditional braces including comfort and being nearly undetectable, but do they cost more than traditional braces? We get that question a lot about the Invisalign system, so we’ll answer it here.

Caudill Orthodontics is the only orthodontist in Brevard County, Florida with the Invisalign Top 1% and Invisalign Teen provider designation! These prestigious designations are given by Invisalign after a certain level of experience and expertise is obtained.

Based on our volume of treatment, our office has reduced costs from Invisalign. We pass those savings off to our patients.
You might be surprised to know that Invisalign generally has costs very similar to those of traditional braces. A number of factors determine Invisalign costs including the complexity of the adjustments required to create your new smile, the duration of your individual treatment plan, and the specific treatment details.

Invisalign has less office visits, less hardware upkeep, less emergency visits, and less adjustments required by our team, and those are some of the factors that offset the more expensive 3D scanning and computer technology we use. Our patients get a customized orthodontic treatment plan with less pain, less time, and comparable costs.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are covered the same as braces by dental insurance plans. We are happy to explain and verify your insurance benefit at your initial visit.

We accept most major credit cards and also can offer affordable monthly payment options to fit your budget. Your new smile all starts with a complimentary consultation, so fill out our online form and we’ll see you soon!

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