How Braces Can Boost Your Confidence

Both traditional braces and Invisalign® invisible braces can be used to correct your bite and the appearance of your smile. Both the process and the results can lead to confidence boosts in children, teens, and adults. Self-confidence leads to increased opportunity, better quality of life, and the freedom to smile.

Confidence Defined

An article in Psychology Today had this to say about confidence. “‘Confidence’ comes from the Latin fidere, ‘to trust.’ To be self-confident is to trust in oneself, and, in particular, in one’s ability or aptitude to engage successfully or at least adequately with the world. A self-confident person is ready to rise to new challenges, seize opportunities, deal with difficult situations, and take responsibility if and when things go awry.”

So How Can Braces Help Your Confidence?

For most who had concerns about their appearance because of their smile, the end of the straightening process is where they feel the most improved and confident. For others, the very fact that they are making progress builds their confidence.

Improved Appearance

Our Invisalign patients may have the most opportunity for early confidence as their smiles are easier to see, and each week their smile transforms a little more. For those with traditional, wired braces the results are also visible, but patients tend to hide their smiles if they are not already confident. The hardware creates a temporary step backwards for some in terms of confidence and self-esteem, but we do our best to help our patients feel like they are not alone in the process.

Improved Speech

For some, a gap or crooked teeth can affect their speech. Once the jaw and teeth are properly aligned, lisps, whistling, and other speech defects may begin to improve. This is a huge confidence boost, as patients not only smile more, but converse more after their new smile is revealed.

Healthier Mouth

With a properly aligned smile and better spacing of the teeth, it is easier to brush and floss. Preventing plaque, cavities, and bleeding gums will also help to build and maintain one’s confidence level. Visiting the dentist with the confidence that you have done your best in caring for your teeth is a lot less stressful than worrying that you are damaging your teeth.
Dr. Ryan Caudill and Dr. Angela McNeight are confident that they can help you! Take a few moments to read and see our patient testimonials, before and after pictures, and latest smiles. We have a free consultation offer, so take the first step in completing our online form.  At your first consultation, we want to get to know you and will try to answer all your questions. After looking at your teeth and bite, we will have a conversation about how to give you the best and most-confident smile possible.


“I am extremely grateful to have gone through the process of having braces. I was very self-conscious before them and now, I’m more confident than ever! My braces definitely changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be happier.” – Lauren P., Melbourne, FL

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