Starting Treatment Is Sweeter in the Summer

There’s no time like the present to take control of the future of your child’s smile! Even though we help patients love their smiles all year round, summer is one of the best times to start orthodontic treatment.
There are many reasons why timing the start of treatment around summer break can benefit your child during this transition into their orthodontic journey:

Adjustment Period

Getting braces or Invisalign is going to something for your child to adjust to! The summer allows ample time for them to get used to this change without the stress of school or any after school activities. Adjustment phases can be stressful and this is the perfect time to avoid unnecessary strain on you and your child.

Easier Appointments

Summertime tends to offer more availability and flexibility in terms of appointment times at your orthodontist office. There will be a handful of appointments closer together at the start of your treatment so if it starts during summer, you won’t have to worry about your child missing school either!

School Preparation

Your kid will be ready to tackle a new school year with ease once they’ve had time to integrate  their new oral hygiene requirements into their daily routine. They’ll also have adjusted to the kinds of food that Caudill Orthodontics has deemed ‘Treatment Friendly’ and have had time to be fitted for things like mouth guards in case they play sports during the school year.
For these reasons and more, Caudill Orthodontics recommends, for those who can, to plan the start of their child’s orthodontic treatment at the beginning of the summer!

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